Anchor Baptist Bible Institute does not hold and does not seek to hold state accreditation.

Anchor Baptist Bible Institute does not confer degrees.

The Institute is a ministry of Anchor Baptist Church in response to the biblical directives to “…teach others also” II Timothy 2:2, and to train “…for the work of the ministry…” Ephesians 4:12. The Institute does not seek state approval or any other secular recognition for our courses of instruction. No student should consider his education from this institute as qualifying him to hold a secular position of employment. Any graduating certificate signifies the completion of a course of study that will equip God’s servant for ministry in a like-faith local Baptist church. Anchor Baptist Bible Institute models our format and instruction to be similar to a college atmosphere, but this is no guarantee that our “credits” will be accepted by other post-secondary institutions.

Anchor Baptist Bible Institute is designed to train Christian men and women who have a desire to know more of God’s Word, serve the Lord in the local church, and live as ambassadors for Christ. These are college level courses. Our instructors have college degrees, equivalency, and major experience in said subjects or honorariums.

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