Praises to answered prayers:

  • Robert Harris - Chronic Lymphomic Leukemia is in remission!
  • Betty Dadum - had a cancer free check-up!
  • Jessica Kaiser is home from college for good!
  • Mellissa Mang and Deborah Weaver are home from college for the summer.

Health Problems:

  • Betty Dadum - continue to pray for cancer free appointments
  • Mary Anderson
  • David Criss
  • Mr. & Mrs. Eyer
  • Ed Ruggles
  • Mr. Stover
  • Shirley Tincher - Needs a new kidney/on dialysis
  • Mr. & Mrs. Usher
  • Deidra Hayes - Diabetes, heart and kidney failure
  • Ada Haughn - Health
  • Fernando Vazquez - back surgery June 6th 
  • Dr. Darrell Moore - Health
  • Dr. Nelms - Has problems with his liver
  • Nikki Thacker - Has kidney disease
  • Karin Lyons & Family
  • Mary Jo Griffin - recovering from foot surgery
  • Bethany Booth - Health problems
  • Missionary Emily Combest--Expecting/due 1st week of September in Uganda
  • Missionary John Combest--recovering from his 2nd round of malaria

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Faith Promise

Bus Routes - safety

College Kids - Gabe Ericson, Jessica Kaiser, Mellissa Mang, Deborah Weaver

Truck Drivers - Safety for John Conner, Ben Kroeker, Steve Miller, Allen Weaver