Growing up today in the world is much harder than it was even twenty years ago. There is more peer pressure, oppressive influence, and ungodliness than ever before. Here at Anchored Youth, we have structured classes and events that allow teens to be themselves without having to worry what others think or presume to know. Our teens are encouraged to love God and walk with Him. They are the future of our church and nation. Click here for pictures and to connect with us.

Bible Class

The Bible class is key to helping our teenagers grow and learn about what God has in store for them. There are two mens classes and two ladies classes. The teachers stay very involved in the teenagers life by conducting activities and mentoring them throughout the week.

Young Fundamentalists

Every Sunday evening at 5:15, our teenagers meet together to learn Bible principles and truths that “Young Fundamentalists” should know.  They will soon be young adults taking a personal stand for their Saviour. Activities include: fellowship, singing, and the teaching of fundamental principles.


Starting in January our youth group will be holding various teen activities. There will be an activity every month. The activities range from playing sports to going to Mad River Mountain for tubing. No matter what the activity, one is sure to have a good time of fellowship.


The teens of Anchored Youth practice every Thursday night at 6:45 pm. While we are singing for God’s glory, we teach the teens how to read and sing music properly.


Every year, our youth group treks down to Gallipolis, Ohio for our annual teen camp. Thirty-five teens went to southern Ohio for a week long time of preaching, fun, and fellowship. No one came back the same.