Everything we do is based directly on God’s Word. Therefore, we have established a system that promotes godliness and uprightness from birth to adulthood. Our children have wonderful programs designed specifically for them. We have a children’s choir, the Anchor SEALs boys’ group, individual Sunday school classes, and many more programs for children. Our nursery workers and teachers pour into each lesson their hearts and the truth of the Bible. Our children learn to know God and will realize that they are loved.

Beginner Church

This is for boys and girls grades Pre-school-1st Grade.  These children are given personal attention by several adult workers.  They are taught songs, appropriate behavior, and basic Bible lessons before entering the junior church service at 2nd Grade.

Primary Church

This is a combined preaching and teaching service designed for boys and girls grades 2nd-4th that is fun, rewarding, and yet challenging.  This prepares them to be able to sit and learn in the main service once they become of age.  They sing, play games, and are taught the Bible.  It is a fun way for children to learn more about God.

Junior Church

We now have a Junior Church for the 5th and 6th grades. It’s purpose is to prepare those young people for the main preaching service with Pastor Bell. We accomplish this by conducting a similar service that involves preaching and singing on an adult level.


A program to help balance and mature young men grades 2nd-6th.  Bro. Chad Fields watches over this program as they train the boys in Scripture memorization, physical endurance, character, and respect for their parents and authority.