Many dads and moms have many reasons as to why they cannot bring their child/children to church with them.  We try to meet their need with our buses.  Our buses cover many miles and pick up children and family members of all ages.  While on our buses, our bus captains and their workers sing songs, teach a Bible lesson, play games, and many times have food.  Our buses also give our members an opportunity to be part of a very worthwhile ministry, and be part of the great work going on at the Anchor Baptist Church. If you would like your child to ride one of our buses to church, please email to bus captains below that service your address.


Dave Clay

Bus Director: Dave Clay

Bus 2

Dave Clay (Email)


Jordan Mullins

Captain: Jordan Mullins

Bus 122

Jordan Mullins


Ken Graber

Captain: Ken Graber

Bus 4



Jordan Laurel

Captain: Jordan Laurel

Bus 3




Captain: Tim Ruggles

Bus 5