Unfortunately today, most cater to the youth of this world. Here we believe that the parents and adults are the core of the church and community. Hence, we gear most of our ministries and efforts to reach the adults in the Columbus area. There are numerous ways to get involved, learn, and grow. We have a wonderful group of teachers dedicated to reaching adults and families in this city, and helping them learn to walk with God and get to know His Word. To receive more information, please click on a class you feel would suit your life.


Pastor & Mrs. Bell


Shipbuilders: Adult Bible Class, led by Dr. George and Cynthia Bell, is intended for mature married couples with older children. Through teaching and personal guidance the balance of marriage and nurturing children is taught.







Pastor and Mrs. Soto

Fruto del Espiritu

Fruto del Espiritu is led by Pastor Armando and Hope Soto and is established to minister and teach to the adult Spanish speaking people of Columbus area about Christ and doctrines of the Bible, while giving guidance to establishing a balanced life as a Christian.







Brian & Hannah Leaf

First Steps

First Steps: Adult Bible Class, led by Brian and Hannah Leaf, is intended for new members and recently saved Christians. This class is to help our newest brethren in Christ to build a solid foundation based on the basic principles and doctrines of the Scriptures.








John & Carla Conner

Singles 4 Him

Singles 4 Him: Adult Bible Class, led by John and Carla Conner, is the class for young adult singles. The class is filled with the teaching that serving Christ in one’s youth is not only right, but fulfilling.








Adam & Stephanie Freed

The Flame

The Flame: Adult Bible Class, led by Adam and Stephanie Freed, is a class for our young married couples. Here they are taught the lessons of establishing and building a Christ-centered relationship.








David & Marie Usher

Alpha + Omega

The Alpha and Omega: Adult Bible Class, led by David and Marie Usher, was designed for the seniors of our church and community. Here are taught valuable lessons from a lifetime of wisdom.