David Clay

David Clay, like many American children was raised in a broken home. He endured the pain of not having his father in his home, of only brief visits with the man whose blood flowed through his veins, and of constantly being uprooted to move to new unfamiliar surroundings. But through all the uncertainty he had one constant: Jesus Christ. Although his mother did not attend church consistently, she did send her son to church. Dave was saved on October 13, 1988, at the age of 12. Simply put, life was a struggle for Dave. Being raised in a single-parent home was a struggle, as was living a Christian life with the temptation of a football career grabbing at him from a young age. But to him the satisfaction that came from pure living was worth it. It also helped that he had strong Christian men along the way to help teach and guide him. Jim Schroeder, Clint Cavenas, Pastor Bob Smith, and Andrew Bryner taught him what true service and sincerity and selflessness were. In 1994 he graduated from high school and went to bible college. Life never came easy for Dave, so would college be any different? It would not. Dave struggled through many serious health and family issues during college, but he persevered. While in college he met his wife Tonya Schwender. They were married July 2, 1999. They have four children: DJ, Alyssa, Zachary, and Alana. After college he moved his family to Columbus, Ohio where he has served on the church staff since 2002. It is no mystery why God put him through the struggles in life. Our bus director, he now mentors on five bus routes hundreds of young children as he leads them down the road of struggle that he knows so well.